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Leslie & Associates PLLC provides peace of mind. I meet with you to discuss your goals and particular situation, and help clarify Wills, Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney and Advance Directives. With Leslie & Associates PLLC, we aim to finalize the entire process in one week.

Estate Planning

Leslie & Associates PLLC helps create a strong estate plan that aims to preserve the maximum amount of wealth for your intended beneficiaries and allow you a degree of control over their disposition.

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Preserve Wealth for Your Family

You have worked a lifetime accumulating assets and property. Leslie & Associates PLLC structures practical solutions to preserve and protect your assets, and works diligently to prepare your planning documents to achieve your goals.

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Health Planning

It is extremely important that each of us names someone that we trust to act as our agent if we are ever unable to speak for ourselves. We help you make clear, in writing, what your wishes are should the time come when you can't express them yourself, and we make certain that your family is not left struggling with difficult decisions about important matters.

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If you haven't taken advantage of estate planning to prevent a court from gaining jurisdiction over your affairs, probate will likely be required to transfer title to your assets to your loved ones. In that event, Leslie & Associates PLLC can handle the legal concerns to free you to address family matters. 

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Find your peace of mind

For all of your estate planning needs, Leslie & Associates PLLC is here to help.

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My CPA referred me to Mick Leslie regarding my personal estate.  My first phone call with Mick put me at ease and everything since our first meeting has been a wonderful experience. Mick is not only efficient and thorough but also has a pleasant and reassuring demeanor. I wouldn't hesitate to call Mick for any legal advice it has been a pleasure working with him.


Waiting is not my strong suit. Thank goodness one of Mr. Leslie's strengths is turnaround time.  It gave me such peace of mind to have my trust signed and delivered in just a few days.  I am very confident in his estate planning knowledge and use him for all related needs. 


Mick, it has been a pleasure working with you. You keep things simple and don't over complicate matters. You have responded promptly and professionally to my every request.

I sincerely appreciate your help.


Estate planning is one of those things you sort of know you need to do but don’t know where to start. When we approached Mick the only thing that was on our mind was to write a will. Our kids were growing and we were starting to become a little more secure financially. He explained that what we really needed was to look at the bigger picture and laid out a very comprehensive estate plan. His advice was given after he understood our needs and desires. He walked us through the process of establishing a trust, statutory power of attorney, health care directives and of course, the last will and testament that brought us to him in the first place. Having all these documents in order offered us peace of mind knowing our affairs were in order. Mick presented himself with calm reassurance, knowledge and experience. He came highly recommended and lived up to our expectations.


Mick was instrumental in planning my parent’s estate. We were impressed with his knowledge of the law and professionalism. His calm demeanor immediately put my parents at ease. Mick is easy to talk to and always handles our affairs promptly and thoroughly. He’s truly become a friend of the family and we are very comforted by the fact that when it comes to my family’s legal matters, help, genuine concern and expert legal advice is just a phone call away.My wife and I look forward to working with Mick in the future as we prepare our own estate. In our opinion, when it comes to estate planning, there is no better choice than Mick.


Mick Leslie represented us in an estate settlement and afterwards created a family trust for our family. The estate settlement involved two additional geographic states in addition to Oklahoma which was our aunts current state of residence at the time of her death. The settlement and disbursement presented many challenges due to the fact the client being represented (our aunt) suffered a traumatic brain injury prior to death and we as guardians, lacked information needed to expedite closure.  Mick recognized the stress involved and reassured us by taking the matter in clear cut order explaining each step along the way.

He was professional in the courtroom, informed us of upcoming responsibilities, and provided us with detail on his anticipated timeline. He was mindful of our time and by getting to know us, he completed the task not only in a in a timely manner but with sensitive unquestionable integrity.

After completion of the above, we engaged Mick to prepare our family trust. Again the process was efficient with every detail covered in a short amount of time. We highly recommend Mick Leslie to handle the closure of exiting estates or the preparation of new personal estates. He is in our opinion an exemplary estate attorney.

Ric and JoAnna

Mick Leslie has been our family's personal attorney for over 25 years. He has helped us not only with comprehensive estate planning, including wills and trusts, statutory power of attorney and health care directives but also with setting up multiple LLC's for our rental properties. In fact, whenever we have a question pertaining to anything concerning the law, he is the first person we contact. He has always taken the time to listen to our concerns and he explains things to us in terms we can understand. Mick has always looked out for our best interests and we are so very grateful to him for all his help over the years. He has our full trust and confidence.

John and Dianne

Mick helped us with our first Estate Planning in 2004. He has helped us revise that planning, as circumstances dictate, two times and we will be updating again very soon.  Mick is trustworthy and very professional.

Stephen and Charolet

I have known Mr. Leslie personally and in a professional capacity for twenty years.  I feel that I can comment on his integrity, his competence, and his strength of character.  When clients find themselves faced with complicated challenges, competent legal counsel is essential to arrive to a fair solution that is respectful of all parties, and the law.  Mr. Leslie has helped me navigate some of the rough waters associated with forming and maintaining partnerships and keeping meticulous records. I am confident that his skill and ability to anticipate future challenges has saved me thousands of dollars.  In contracts and in wording of even the most simple agreement, language matters.  Setting just the right tone while providing the client (me) maximum protection seems to come naturally to Mr. Leslie.  I am greatly in his debt for much of the success of my business.  As I prepared to retire and sell shares, I came to realize how well-thought-out the agreements were, and how carefully constructed.

On a personal finance side, I have used Mick’s guidance in establishing trusts, wills, and all the attendant estate planning documents.  He helped me to establish an investment L.L.C. that has stood the test of time and allowed my wife and me to retire early, with predictable income streams.  A carefully crafted set of documents both protect us from current problems as well as anticipate future challenges.  Throughout all my dealings with Mick, I have found him to be approachable, available and very flexible—sometimes on short notice.  I feel like I can call him up at any time and get a solid, well-thought-out answer.  I feel fortunate to have that kind of expertise working for me.  Having excellent legal counsel that you can trust is really priceless.  I can enjoy retirement with very little stress, since everything is in place for my current stage of life and for future transitions.  Mr. Leslie started out just being my lawyer, but over the years he has become my good friend.  I can think of no higher compliment than that.